Apple Mac Repairs

Between you and me, we all know that Apple Macs can still have problems.

Here at Vivid Computers we can fix all the weird and wonderful problems hardware problems from water damage, overheating, display not working, failing hard drives.

We also fix software problems including virus infections, upgrading OSX, apps not working, general slowness or whatever is keeping you down.

All of this with our standard no geek speaks, 48 hour turn around instore or at your home.

Apple Mac Repairs

We can do what it takes to keep your Mac quiet and low temperature.

Failing HDDS

A failing hard drive is not the end. We can seamlessly migrate you to a new hard drive, or even upgrade to a quicker solid state drive.

iMac GPU Fail

Been told your iMac screen no longer working is not fixable? Give us a trry first, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Virus Infections

Unfortunately, OSX can still get viruses, but we can fix them all the same.

Water Damage

Spilled water on the keyboard, or your Mac not working for some odd reason? We can fix it.


We can help breathe new life into your apple devices with more ram, an SSD, or just a tune-up.


Moving to a new mac, or away from windows? We can make the transition seamless for you.

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