David Earl
David E.
02:43 30 Sep 20
Friendly and professional service. Highly recommend Vivid Computers.
Abc Def
Abc D.
13:17 01 Sep 20
Excellent service, knowledgeable staff. Would return if I need another repair.
Patrick Gilhooly
Patrick G.
23:12 27 Aug 20
Excellent service - very quick, professional and good value.
07:20 30 Jul 20
Brought in my Thinkpad with an odd error. He took it in, had a look at it and two days later I got it back with a solution. Amazing service, really helpful and nice.
Heath M
Heath M
09:26 25 Jul 20
Good service
Peter Nicholls
Peter N.
00:31 21 Jul 20
I am delighted with my new Levono laptop and the excellent service provided in setting it up, including transferring data from my backup external drive. Thank you James and Dylan
Allan Wilson
Allan W.
01:36 03 Jul 20
Excellent service, Thanks James.
Brodie Miller
Brodie M.
04:01 16 Jun 20
Great service and fast data recovery for a good price
08:48 11 Jun 20
They were extremely professional and fixed my PC quickly.
08:44 11 Jun 20
Got My Pc Fixed Quickly Now i can Go Back To Using Evil Cheats On Rust!
Lisa Denyer
Lisa D.
10:11 05 Jun 20
Got my laptop fixed and working like brand new within 2 days, highly recommend!
Vince Salvatore
Vince S.
06:12 29 May 20
Absolutely fantastic service all round.Can't recommend highly enough!
Max Gillespie
Max G.
07:50 21 May 20
I called enquiring about some file recovery solutions, they were clear cut with me and said it would not be worth it, but they gave me some free advice about some alternatives. Their customer service was amazing, especially as I was not a paying customer yet and just called hoping for some direction in the sort of service I might need. I would take my PC here in a heartbeat as they are clearly professional, customer orientated and very knowledgable.
Kristy Dawson
Kristy D.
09:04 14 May 20
Great work quick cheap thank you
Shaun Turnbull
Shaun T.
06:23 10 Apr 20
Had an upgrade to windows 10.All staff most helpful.Follow up by vivid (James) excellent.Needed help (advice) & received it promptly from vivid.Recommend vivid to the western suburbs work from homers. 5/5
Sarah Hausler
Sarah H.
07:23 08 Apr 20
Super-fast messenger help desk. Solved my MacBook problem in minutes. Thanks team!
Graham Bower
Graham B.
08:00 06 Apr 20
Computer died and James had it up and running in a couple of days transferring everything over to a new HD. Great follow up to ensure all is fine.
Michele Henry
Michele H.
09:58 03 Apr 20
Service again was great - prompt repair and advice given. hopefully won't have to return soon - but if needed - that's where I will go 🙂
David Pyman
David P.
01:00 03 Apr 20
James at Vivid computers is a gem. Super talented and always willing to help. Highly recommended.
Gary Le Rossignol
Gary Le R.
00:54 03 Apr 20
Needed to increase hard drive capacity and RAM in my laptop. Took it in to Vivid and Gary Pore checket it out, ordered parts including a special adaptor, had it all fixed overnight for the price agreed at the start. No fuss, good service🙂
Tracey Nearmy
Tracey N.
05:32 26 Mar 20
They just fixed my computer at no cost! Love these guys, thanks so much! I'll definitely be coming back.
Nima Dehghansai
Nima D.
22:15 05 Mar 20
If you want a team that cares for your laptop as much as you, then don't waste your time looking elsewhere. James and his team are extremely friendly and welcoming. He followed up after a couple of weeks to see how the laptop was doing, and helped me fix a major issue electronically without even stepping into the store for a second time. In the process, he saved me the hassle of switching laptops and more importantly, thousands of dollars. I wouldn't go anywhere else in Adelaide for expert advice and laptop repairs.
Miriam Clark
Miriam C.
10:50 02 Mar 20
Gary was very helpful with a skype problem I was having on my phone. He checked that my computer was okay and then suggested something I could purchase and that seems to have rectified the problem. I was very happy with the service I received.
Paul Smyth
Paul S.
22:09 26 Feb 20
Great experience purchasing a new laptop from Vivid. Gary was extremely helpful and provided excellent and patient support bringing over some old obsolete programs from my old desktop. Would recommend their services to anyone, especially if you are IT challenged.
Mario Catalano
Mario C.
11:22 25 Feb 20
Refreshing service from Vivid Computing. Highly recommend them, I was very satisfied with there service and they were happy to provide additional advise that I had requested for. Also followed up to check I had no issues with my computer that had been upgraded with a SSD and Windows 10.Thanks James and Gary
Eric Morant
Eric M.
10:45 17 Feb 20
Guys helped me with a problem that I couldn't even google, noone could help me, they were friendly and rates were more than reasonable.
David Miller
David M.
04:40 31 Jan 20
Good job sorting out my 'Cloudstation' server issues after our NBN update - nice and simple using Team Viewer remotely.
Ajax Stone
Ajax S.
07:05 16 Jan 20
Knowledgeable, Helpfull and friendly
benny levi
benny L.
04:40 10 Jan 20
These guys are awesome ... Had some issue that I thought was going to be big bucks turns out it was only driver issues but still ... Money well spent for their time ....Thanks team
Tristan Feng
Tristan F.
03:46 24 Dec 19
Friendliest service ever. Gary was extremely helpful and provided the best support I could ask for!
I & A DeFavari
I & A D.
00:04 17 Dec 19
James and Gary at Vivid did a great job on my 8 year old desktop, its like a new machine with the new solid state memory. I have been using Vivid for over 15 years they are friendly, communicative nerds (in the best sense) and I can recommend them. Ivan and Toni
cathy eblen
cathy E.
00:13 06 Dec 19
the best place to get your computer fixed up..excellent work and very quick and reliable..I will be going back next time i have a problem..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Ndroo 101
Ndroo 1.
10:00 01 Nov 19
Recently purchased a new pc from here which was customised from my old one that had broken down. The pc is of excellent quality and is well built. Staff were also very informative and provided great service. Definetly would recommend.
Michael Whinnen
Michael W.
03:47 26 Oct 19
James and Gary gave realistic advice on merits of repairs and upgrades. Able to recover all my data and upgrade in a 24 hour turnaround. A 1-2 week check up and follow up via email offered. Excellent service.
Lauren Elsegood
Lauren E.
23:32 25 Oct 19
I contacted James online to arrange a replacement screen for my HP laptop and within the day I had an estimated cost. The app (with a personalised log in) let me know at which stage James and the team were at for fixing my laptop. When it was repaired, I received a text to collect it from the store. I’ve picked it up and it works perfectly. Thanks James and the team!
Raechel Wilson
Raechel W.
10:45 23 Oct 19
Such amazing service, thank you for helping me with my many computer issues. Also, thank you for doing everything so quickly.
Eva Fabri
Eva F.
09:45 10 Oct 19
Excellent work, kind people, highly recommended
Kirt Hignett
Kirt H.
00:31 10 Oct 19
very happy with the service here.
Stephanie Kiley
Stephanie K.
05:51 17 Sep 19
Gary and James have provided excellent customer service related to "computer meltdown" e g easy to access, timely, thorough,, prompt; efficient and personable service. In addition they were able to assist me with mobile phone issues. Their combined approach of problem solving and resolving frustrating IT issues is terrific. Much thanks Gary and James and we can thoroughly recommend your service.
Daniel Tosolini
Daniel T.
05:55 13 Sep 19
Brought my 12 year old computer to Vivid, which had given up the ghost. They got it up and running like new. The price was very fair and the work was excellent.
Susan Aisha Nangusi Essau
Susan Aisha Nangusi E.
06:34 12 Sep 19
My laptop issue resolved in less than 10 minutes. Great service! Highly recommended.
15:28 19 Aug 19
Great Service ! Lots of patience and very lovely !Offer great advice tooDefinitely recommend
Andreas Schmidt
Andreas S.
08:26 01 Aug 19
Hi I'll write honest reviews on here on how I was treated or how the product was on my opinion. In regards to Vivid Computers their service,advice and work us awesome. I have an old Sony Vaio had it cleaned up viruses removed etc. Also my hdd was heaps slow so recommendation was try an sad drive. I'll never look back. It's so much better at this price than what I would've bought from Harvey Norman etc. Great job guys will be back and thanks
Yvette Wiskar
Yvette W.
03:55 01 Aug 19
Thorough, quick and affordable!
Michael Calabrese
Michael C.
00:26 24 Jul 19
Great Service and Knowledge
Zac Raymond
Zac R.
13:16 20 Jul 19
Great value, fast turn around and always ready to help! Thank you guys
Julie Kowalczyk
Julie K.
07:33 28 Jun 19
Fixed our laptop quickly and provided great service 👍
Ahmad Mirzaee
Ahmad M.
15:47 27 Jun 19
Vivid Computers is fantastic, they really take care of their customers and are knowledgeable. James was very helpful and went above and beyond to resolve the issue. Highly recommend these guys for any computer related problems.
Big Pete
Big P.
06:25 25 Jun 19
Excellent customer service. Honest advice. Quick repair and provided follow up support. Will go back again if needed and highly recommend these guys. Professionals for sure.
Michael K
Michael K
21:47 10 Jun 19
Terrific service by the guys here, repaired my son's Razer laptop in the day knowing how urgent we required it. They went well beyond my expectations in service and customer satisfaction. Definitely will be my one stop computer shop.
John Crosby
John C.
07:58 08 Jun 19
I took my surface pro 4 to these guys, very friendly and capable. we need more like these in servicing computersJohn Crosby
Philip Herbert
Philip H.
01:09 07 Jun 19
The team at Vivid computers were a professional unit. James and Gary were both efficient and effective with the work that was performed on my HP laptop. There communication and people skills made me feel comfortable and assured me that they had the knowledge and experience to deal with all technical and computer problems. In addition, the after sales attention to detail has been second to none and have showed me that they will fix all issues and are willing to oversee further or similar difficulties. I would definitely recommend Vivid computers to my family and friends if they have any trouble with similar issues that might need investigating. Regards Philip
Helen Gilbert
Helen G.
10:03 27 May 19
James has been sorting out my business and personal computers for 10 years, and does a fantastic job. We love your help James!
Maria Fantasia
Maria F.
12:59 24 May 19
I've taken my pc to Vivid Computers for years. Service is excellent, they always fix the problem, they're affordable and attend to your needs in super quick time. Highly recommend them to anyone in the Western suburbs (or anywhere in Adelaide for that matter!). Call them. You wont be disappointed!
Alex Przybylski
Alex P.
00:15 06 May 19
Have had work done here a few times now and always on time and satisfactory.Can recommend.
Matthew Illana
Matthew I.
10:49 01 May 19
Great service, helped me after hours with my PC problem!
Ian Musgrove
Ian M.
10:48 01 May 19
Thanks for your help with my PC
Catt Taylor
Catt T.
01:54 19 Jan 19
Great service, very quick. Laptop issue sorted in 20min.
Nicola Williams
Nicola W.
06:42 16 Jan 19
James was able to achieve what we thought wasn't possible, have a gmail account setup in Outlook with a secondary exchange account and the gmail account be set as the default so calendar syncs with desktop & phone. Very happy to have a solution, when rang 3 other IT companies & they advised it wasn't possible.
Lynn Alsford
Lynn A.
04:10 15 Jan 19
I have been going to Vivid for a few years when my PC needs an update.Gary and James are wonderful, helpful and committed to getting me back on to the internet.I’m advised of all costs prior to work starting, kept informed of the progress and when completed.Gary has even come out to my home, to make sure that all was working ok.Very happy with the friendly, reliable service.Awesome!
Jennifer Picheta
Jennifer P.
06:29 14 Jan 19
Laptop lost functionality on four of its keys, and Gary recommended a new keyboard. Left it with him Friday, got it back working properly on Monday. I thought the price of $100 was reasonable. Great work, Gazza!! Thank you for your time and trouble. Jennifer and Marek.
Adan Richards
Adan R.
04:42 14 Jan 19
Great people, know their stuff, big ups!
Robert Pearce
Robert P.
01:03 02 Jan 19
Just a brief email to provide some feedback on the service provided by your company this morning and in particular the help and assistance provided by your Technician, Gary. I was a little sceptical about whether you could solve my email issues given that we are between Christmas and New Year. Your website encouraged me just to walk in without an appointment, so that’s what I did. I was greeted by Gary who was exemplary in his customer service skills and his technical knowledge. I walked in, no waiting, the email issue was fixed, and I was thoroughly impressed with the approach and service that your company provided. I will recommend your company to anyone needing efficient, professional (and understandable) problem solving solutions to their PC repairs and ‘tweaks’. Gary was also very patient with me, explaining the potential benefits of upgrading my hard drive over time. No pressure, just straightforward facts about what my PC might benefit from in terms of future upgrades.Kind RegardsRobert Pearce
Greg Digance
Greg D.
22:39 08 Nov 18
Great service, knowledgeable technicians, economical.
Raechel Wilson
Raechel W.
03:18 11 Oct 18
Well I want to say, How totally impressed I am with the skills, efficiency and quality care this company this took in my computer problems. I found the price to be very reasonable too. Thank you.
stuart L
stuart L
01:38 09 Oct 18
James has a great attitude and is always willing to help. From simple questions to complex issues the level of service has been outstanding. I have been to many computer shops over the years but Vivid and James are standouts. Highly recommended.
Rachel Swift
Rachel S.
09:23 21 Sep 18
Computer literally fried and James helped me get the data off for an urgent deadline and then formulated a longer term solution. Very knowledgeable, great communication including checking in to see if everything was working. All round a complete 5 star experience!
Michael Green
Michael G.
10:45 20 Sep 18
Okay, my Apple MacBook Pro decided to die on me, mid sentence with every deadline imaginable to meet. I need an Apple tech, an increasingly rare commodity, I need my laptop fixed fast. I did one google search & within minutes found myself driving down Grange Rd, looking for Vivid computers. I was introduced to this quirky guy James, "I suppose you need your notebook back today," "er, yes please". 45 minutes later I was again driving down Grange Rd, only this time I was heading home, notebook fixed. Amazing service!!
Tracey Davis
Tracey D.
00:19 17 Sep 18
They were efficient and quick, asking all the right questions to put my job through. I would refer them to others in need of assistance.
Kalyna Micenko
Kalyna M.
09:40 06 Sep 18
Super fast, friendly service and they solved my dilemma in no time flat.
Verity Webb
Verity W.
01:12 04 Jul 18
Great service, and wonderful way of explaining to someone who is tech illiterate
David Hall
David H.
05:16 01 Jun 18
Received prompt and good advice at home and my computer issues were all resolved - and at a reasonable price.
Paul Mills
Paul M.
23:14 29 May 18
Had issues with my MacBook. Spoke to Apple support and they said it was one thing and to take it in to get it fixed. Took it in to James at Vivid - ended up being something totally different. Fixed the issue quickly - even saved me some extra money. Great service. Highly recommend!!!
Robin Kimber
Robin K.
06:35 29 May 18
Really pleased with service and follow received from Vivid Computers. I can thoroughly recommend them.
Jess Rafanelli
Jess R.
06:43 19 Mar 18
Nothing short of amazing. Came in there on the 19/3 to get my screen replaced on my laptop which is over 8 years old. It was going to cost me around $200 for a new screen, but the owner showed me some of their secondhand laptops which he did a great price for. Same day service, within hours he had transferred everything from my old laptop to the new one and I couldn't be happier. The owner went above and beyond for my wants and needs and ensured that everything was set up the way i wanted it before i left the store. Will be returning here for many more years to come.
Ben Creswell
Ben C.
01:07 07 Mar 18
Great owner, very good at what he does and very honest. 10/10
Olivia Kubiak
Olivia K.
22:47 20 Feb 18
Great service. Knowledgeable staff. Very quick. Affordable. Could not recommend this place more
Martin Hollowell
Martin H.
11:05 07 Feb 18
Have been using the services of Vivid Computers for a few years now and I am never dissapointed. I continue to go back as I am always impressed with with their honesty, professionalism, realistic prices and excellent service.I recently needed to take my desktop in for a problem (no image) and spoke to James. From the point of booking which was a prompt hassle free process, I had a call within 24 hrs explaining the fault and quote for cost of repair with no pressure. I picked up my repaired desktop the following day and shortly after received follow up to ensure all was ok. I have no hesitation in recommending the excellent services of Vivid Computers for all your computer repairs AAA Grade Rating.
George Carapetis
George C.
00:50 02 Feb 18
The staff here definitely know what they are doing when building any custom computer for what ever purpose you need it for and of course a very reasonable priceI encourage anyone out there who is a gamer, music producer, video editor, etc.... to get a computer made through these guys as they will do the best possible job and you will not be displeased with your results 🙂
Zac Raymond
Zac R.
23:21 01 Feb 18
The team at Solve IT All have delivered on every occasion. Having them behind our IT department has strengthened our backbone and ensured reliability with minimal downtime. Thanks guys!
Jan Parisella
Jan P.
08:31 21 Dec 17
My son's computer sorted in no time, great friendly service, will be taking all our computers, laptops there in future.
Joseph Ielasi
Joseph I.
00:31 08 Dec 17
i brought in my iMac to solve it all as a last pitch effort to recover my HD which was diagnosed as unrepairable. Solve It All went above and beyond in their serving of my iMac recovering all of my 'lost' files with ease & restoring my computer to its former glory. I was over the moon with the service provided & elated to obtain my important files. Thank you Solve It All! Highly recommended for any computer issues you are experiencing. 10/10.
Travel Bug Vaccination Clinic
Travel Bug Vaccination C.
00:21 21 Nov 17
So patient and helpful - thanks guys!
david schulz
david S.
08:27 31 Oct 17
Brought my laptop in without any notice today after bring turned away by another store, they could have taken it overnight and charged me the earth, however they fixed it on the spot for 20$. Good to go.
phil mgtow
phil M.
03:38 18 Sep 17
Very knowledgable crew and will fix your problems at a fair price. Best techies around
Miss Tina
Miss T.
11:28 23 Aug 17
I was in a total panic, my computer was stuck on a black screen with a hp logo. After stumbling across this company in a google search I called as the reviews were so good. THANK GOD I DID!!!! He ( in my panic, I didn't get his name) knew exactly what steps I should take to solve the problem. I have come across some people that claim they know what they are doing but this guy (who I will call GOD) really does know everything!Thank you so much, I truly appreciate everything and will keep you on file.
Benjamin Christy
Benjamin C.
04:10 05 Jun 17
Great knowledgeable guy, Good technical skills I would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for tech support.
Katie Hendry
Katie H.
03:18 31 May 17
James at Solve it All was great! Came to my home within 45 minutes of me calling and was able to back up my files onto a hard drive immediately. He was really helpful, had a great sense of humour and was really generous in the amount of money the service would cost. Would highly recommend!
Adam Beecken
Adam B.
10:46 24 Apr 17
Bobby and co helped me setup and new tablet, installation abd support with office 365. Now hists my website and helps me with the it supporr for my business.
Benjamin Colic
Benjamin C.
03:22 14 Apr 17
Bobby is the man for getting your IT done. Got my Laptop repaired with Vivid IT. Will have you guys around for more future upgrades
Julie Hayford
Julie H.
13:00 11 Apr 17
The service that I received from James Gilbert at Solve IT All was excellent. He was patient and courteous. I didn’t have to wait long for him to look at my computer, which had lost its internet connection/icon. Since he has restored my access, I haven’t experienced any further problems with my computer.
Dianne Greasly
Dianne G.
01:57 03 Apr 17
Great Company to work with, reliable and easy to deal with. Really does Solve IT All
d iss
d I.
02:55 01 Apr 17
James was very helpful and friendly
Sally Mander
Sally M.
03:40 31 Mar 17
These guys know their stuff, so I don't have to. Great service
Mary Robjohns Thomas
Mary Robjohns T.
05:01 24 Feb 17
thank you Bobby for all your help this afternoon......I really appreciate your generous help
Vita C
Vita C
05:40 11 Jan 17
James & his team are our go to for all IT related issues & so far we have been extremely happy with the prompt & professional services received, not to mention very reasonable rates. We highly recommend James & Solve IT Computer Repair Service!
Vasu Pillai
Vasu P.
01:30 31 Dec 16
Hi, My name is Rekha Pillai and I was much distressed as my Thinkpad would not power up. We were travelling to Adelaide and are based in Broken Hill NSW. My husband found James' contact and his reviews were all v good. I was distressed and called him late in the night and left a message. He responded to me and even returned my call at that unearthly hour to understand the problem and reassured me. He visited our hotel in the morning and fixed my problem quickly. It was by far my best experience with a tech support person to date. I recommend him strongly and wish him the very best always! If you want a person who knows his stuff and has a wonderfully warm and helpful attitude, your search ends with James..he Solves IT All in a true sense!
Bearsy Taco
Bearsy T.
12:13 07 Nov 16
James recently sorted out a new laptop and some antivirus software for me. He has been really helpful and lovely to deal with. Will definitely choose Solve IT All over the chain stores in future.
Fred Wilson
Fred W.
00:36 26 Oct 16
Thanks James for fixing my problems. All is now well. Thanks for the follow ups, it is real service. I'll be happy to refer Solve IT All to friends.
Jacqui Rose
Jacqui R.
06:56 16 Oct 16
Great customer service! Very helpful would recommend! Bought the Best computer I've ever had for gaming and editing would recommend 100% to anyone that needs help, repairs or a new computer! ������������������
04:25 12 Oct 16
James - Thank you for your prompt service - Its great to see an I.T. company that can provide a prompt response time, offering solutions to software and hardware issues. Keep up the great work - Your customer service is exceptional.
Sarah Reidy
Sarah R.
09:22 08 Oct 16
Thank you so much for helping me out during a stressful time! I am very appreciative and now I have a computer guy! I was so happy you were able to help out after hours and I didn't have to stress out over the weekend! Thanks again! You're amazing!
Sophie Civil
Sophie C.
23:11 06 Oct 16
James from Solve It All has been the most helpful IT specialist that i have ever worked with!He's been on our speed dial since the day we met him - and not once has he failed to save the day.From printer & computer purchases to general IT support, James has been extremely reliable.
Jason Bliss
Jason B.
10:17 27 May 16
I work for Channel 9 Adelaide and required a specific high end laptop for work i showed them the model i was looking for and a few days later they called saying its in the store ready for pick up. Great service quick and reliable, i will defiantly be using Vivid again.
Anthony Jones
Anthony J.
14:43 16 Apr 16
James offers a great service. He knows his stuff, his rates are reasonable, and he makes it so convenient by coming to you, including after hours, and always performing work promptly. If you're having computer problems in Adelaide, he's the guy to call.
Abby B
Abby B
06:59 06 Apr 16
James was excellent! Even though they couldn't repair my Surface Pro 3, he helped me find all of the necessary information to be able to do exactly what i had to. Excellent customer service!! Definitely recommend them to everyone!
Soar-ed Recreation
Soar-ed R.
05:52 17 Feb 16
excellent, professional
Jane Vasek
Jane V.
07:05 03 Feb 16
I have been a customer of Vivid Computers for years, they are a fantastic business to deal with, very patient and understanding and great advice, the prices are also really good...would recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys yet again.
lex satre
lex S.
02:50 29 Jan 16
Good service, got the result I was after.
Tom Lindley-Donaldson
Tom L.
22:49 29 Oct 15
I needed a new laptop, with VERY specific specs, on VERY short notice, to take with me on an overseas trip for work. Vivid managed to fix me up on time, with a laptop that exceeded the specs required, for a lower price than I had seen elsewhere.These guys are definitely worth a look in over the major companies when it comes to buying a laptop. Great value for money in terms of the hardware inside the laptop, as well as terrific service and turn-around. 10/10 would (use Vivid Computers again).
05:38 22 Sep 15
First rate and friendly customer service. I would recommend Solve IT All to anyone for all their information technology queries.
Eddie Sikorski
Eddie S.
02:16 16 Sep 15
SOLVE IT ALL ... solve it ALL.James came and fixed my computer issues in a flash.I was so impressed, I commissioned him to build me a super computer.Now, with this much processing power and speed, I am ready to conquer the world.Eddie, Creative Genius
Ryan Hansen
Ryan H.
08:07 01 Sep 15
Just had a new computer built by the team at vivid, they spent the time to make sure the new unit would suit my needs, once swiftly built I am now enjoying a computer that is easy and hassle free to use thanks lads
Scott Eaton
Scott E.
00:50 27 Aug 15
Excellent service. Fast, efficient and won't break the bank account. I highly recommend Vivid for all your computer repair needs.
Lisa Gellie
Lisa G.
03:43 16 Jul 15
Very prompt and thorough service - would highly recommend Solve IT All!
Peter Williams
Peter W.
12:39 11 Jul 15
Fast, uncomplicated help with easy of access and my problems were solved without fuss. look forward to using solve-it-all in ALL my future IT problems
Tyla Walshaw
Tyla W.
12:20 11 Jul 15
I was having trouble with my laptop, Solve -IT- all was able to log in remotely and solve all my problems, all while sitting in the comfort of my home. very happy customer!
Jodee Burden
Jodee B.
06:59 24 Jun 15
After a recent purchase of a brand new laptop we enlisted the services of James from SolveItAll to set-up and transfer all our important data used in supporting The Fitting Room's online services.This local business was chosen as they offer a hourly rate half that of their competitors which as a small business operator is a key incentive.James has made a few visits and is always available for phone or online support.
Hamish Campbell
Hamish C.
10:38 22 Jun 15
Efficient, quick, and easy. I am not particularly computer literate, and was struggling with a virus my antivirus had let through. James at Solve IT All helped me out. He was friendly, helpful and efficient, and solved the problem for me. Not only that, but he got back to me as soon as I contacted him, late in the evening. I will give him a call for sure next time I'm having trouble with something beyond my abilities!
Kam Yuen Lau
Kam Yuen L.
11:27 07 Jun 15
i was desperate when i can not turn on my laptop for 2 days,i tried everything on youtube and decided to get help from a pro,so i found the best price i can find,and the services were not less than others,James was very helpful and fair,i would definitely recommend him to anyone !
Chrissie Moran
Chrissie M.
02:01 05 May 15
Great service, excellent value. They know what they are doing and charge very reasonably. Plus they have given me really good advice and useful information - much better than I have been able to get from Microsoft support, other online forums or retailers. Having them near is almost as good as having a live in computer nerd - no, better, I don't have to feed them or clean up after them.
Chrissie Moran
Chrissie M.
01:57 05 May 15
Great service, great business. They know what they are doing and charge very reasonably. They got my old desk top working well enough so that I could recover all the data I wanted to save. They also gave me really useful advice on how to upgrade - MUCH better than the advice I spent all day tyring to get from Microsoft's various web pages and online support services.It is a joy to have such a good business close to home. Just as good as having a live in computer nerd!Many thanks
Mary Andersen
Mary A.
04:42 12 Sep 14
The best service all the time. Really appreciated the courtesy phone call yesterday. Should be 10 stars not 5. **********
Ian Rollings
Ian R.
00:15 17 Jul 14
If your PC is in some need of TLC, take it down to Bobby at Vivid Computers. Excellent computer knowledge with a no bull approach makes for great customer service! would highly recommend these guys for all your computing needs!
Woody Mark Dubz
Woody Mark D.
11:08 09 Jul 14
Excellent service and loads of experience, I am happy to recommend these guys to everyone!
Alex Vasek
Alex V.
06:44 30 May 14
Vivid computer service is above par and has always been used for our home and business computers and any technical difficulties, service is super fast and advice very easy to understand even for the most untechnological person :PWouldn't go anywhere else as I know I will always get the best price and help I need 🙂
Craig Hale
Craig H.
02:13 19 Feb 14
great service , great work , great advice and friendly
Rhys Chappel
Rhys C.
06:25 10 Feb 14
Big thanks to the team at Vivid computers for looking after me! Friendly and down to earth service!
Jenny Franks
Jenny F.
05:14 05 Jan 14
Thanks Bobby for the cleanup on our computer! Once again excellent service and advice
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