Desktop PC Repair

Windows Desktop computers are the true workhorse of the IT world. Endlessly upgradable and repairable, a good desktop computer should easily last you 10 years!

Whether you’re looking for a repair, or a quote on a whole new system Vivid Computers have you covered. 

Desktop PC Repairs

Desktop PC not Powering On

You push the power button, and… nothing! 

Your old faithful computer has failed to start. Maybe there’s no life at all, or you’re stuck on a black screen!

Don’t panic Vivid can save your PC and Files!

Desktop not booting

A failing hard drive is the most serious cause of a slow computer. No software tune up will fix this. 

A fast (and free) assesssment is needed to save your data!

It will cost you nothing to find out why your PC is no longer booting at Vivid!

PC upgrades

Desktop PC’s are great for upgrades because they’re got heaps of room inside, and usually extra slots for more RAM, HDD and even upgrading the CPU.

Pop into Vivid for a free assessment and quote on your desktop upgrades. 

Windows update issues

Stuck in the past? Don’t worry our team can upgrade you (or downgrade!) to the latest Windows system. 

From XP, to Windows 11 we’ve got you covered for your Windows upgrade issues. 

Dust problems

Computers love dust, they attract it!

But unforutnately all that dust can lead to excessive heat, and even electrical shorts!

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a good dust clean can make to your PC

Slow desktop

Desktop PC’s can be slow for many reasons.

Usually it’s NOT because they’re just “full up” Our free assessment and quote will get to the bottom of your issue, and show you how we can make your PC run like new again!

Vivid Computers
Based on 139 reviews
Heated G.
Heated G.
01:23 13 Jul 21
Took my laptop to James and had prompt and effective service to resolve my problem. Highly recommend and will be back for any future IT service requirements. Many thanks
04:02 08 Jul 21
Guys are amazing really help me out with my PC
Kon Van K.
Kon Van K.
10:08 04 Mar 21
Needed a screw to hold a new ssd drive in my laptop. Vivid Computer were more than happy to help and gave me the "$1000 screw" for 4 nil. Really helpful both on the phone and in person.
Peter G.
Peter G.
04:06 22 Jan 21
Needed a new fan and DVD for an 8 year old HP laptop. Completed quickly, price fine and friendly staff.

Our Desktop PC Repair Process

Device Inspection

Bring your desktop, AIO or Laptop into Vivid computers for a free assessment and quote. It will cost you nothing and you might save a whole bunch of money!

Quotes and Upgrades

We'll quote you on how to get the most out of your desktop computer including increasing the RAM, Hard Drive, and even resolving software issues that are slowing down your computer.

Tune Up and repairs

We'll get your desktop computer running in tip top shape (after your quote is approved) usualyl within 48hrs.

checkup and Warranty

After the work is done you'll have at least 30 day warranty on our work, we'll also follow up with an email 3 months after the job to check in.

Lets Get In Touch

Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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