Insurance Reports

Sometimes even we can’t fix your computer! But It’s OK beacuse thankfully you’ve got insurance!

Vivid Computers can provide you with a fully certified insurance report, and repair quote (or replacement recommendation) within 24 hours of recieving your device. 


Laptop Insurance Claim Reports

Water Damage Report

Water damanged PC’s are generally not repairable, however we can usually recover your data even in extreme situations. 

Water damaged Mac’s must be repaired in order to recover data.

Short Circuit Report

Electrical surge is a common way for computers to fail. 

Unfortunately we see a lot of these kinds of problem. You can usually diagnose yourself with the “sniff” test. If your computer smells like burning. It probably is!


Power SUrge Report

Most common in desktop computers because they are always connected to your mains. 

A power surge can fry your hard drive, motherboard, screen and even your printer!

Car Crash Report

Travelling with your laptop and been in a car crash? You may be covered from damaged caused to your laptop.

Phones and Tablets

While we don’t focus on fixing phones and tablets. We are happy to do a damage assessment and repair report for your insurance company

Windows and Mac

We provide damage reports and assessments for all brands of electronics including Apple, Windows, Samsung and more. 

Vivid Computers
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Heated G.
Heated G.
01:23 13 Jul 21
Took my laptop to James and had prompt and effective service to resolve my problem. Highly recommend and will be back for any future IT service requirements. Many thanks
04:02 08 Jul 21
Guys are amazing really help me out with my PC
Kon Van K.
Kon Van K.
10:08 04 Mar 21
Needed a screw to hold a new ssd drive in my laptop. Vivid Computer were more than happy to help and gave me the "$1000 screw" for 4 nil. Really helpful both on the phone and in person.
Peter G.
Peter G.
04:06 22 Jan 21
Needed a new fan and DVD for an 8 year old HP laptop. Completed quickly, price fine and friendly staff.

Insurance Report Process

Device Inspection

Our technicians will examine your device and determine what is broken and if data can be saved.

Repair or Replace

Depending on the age, damage and cost of repalcement parts we'll recommend a repair, or replacement to your insurer.

Letter Delivered (email)

Our report contains our repair recommendation, photos, serial numbers, model numbers and specs so your insurance is covering your device like for like.

Repair or Payout

At this stage its' up to your insurance company. If they approve our repair we'll get on it ASAP. If you're getting a replacement, we can chat about data recover options and even parts trade in!

Lets Get In Touch

Please bring your computer in for a free assessment and quote. No appointment required.

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